Thursday, August 12, 2010

Brand Resume

I will not claim originality for the term "Brand Resume".
In fact I am sure lots have been written about this in terms of brand personality, essence etc. However I have taken a stab at what I feel can be a very simple way each one of us working on brands in marketing or advertising can create, to breathe life into our brand.

Happy reading:-)

The Concept:

Brand Resume

The Idea:

A Brand Resume is simply put, a resume for a brand.

Why do we write a resume?
It’s a marketing pitch
It’s a positioning
It’s a pen picture of what each of us want to portray ourselves as
It’s our introduction and our identity

So why Brand Resume?

Various positioning tools, brand worlds, essences, architectures are used to carve out an identity for a brand.

A simple way to summarise all of these would be to write a brand resume.

It will be a document that will always have an updated identity of the brand and can be used as the most effective marketing and positioning pitch.

It will disciple all brand stakeholders to crunch all the relevant information on the brand into a precise and sharp format.

What will a brand Resume feature?

Pretty much what our own resumes do.
For instance

• Introduction
• Quick background
• Current position
• Achievements/ track record
• Strengths and weakness
• Interests
• One line summary of what the brand stands for

How is it different from what brand stakeholders use today?

It is an identity all of us write for ourselves and are very adept at.
We know exactly what to play up and how to brand ourselves as smart thinkers and showcase our professional prowess.

A Brand Resume is perfect for a handy sum up of what the brand stands for .
It can be used for furthering strategic initiatives, for creative development and for marketing and sales pitches to consumers.

Why would brand stakeholders wish to adopt this as a tool?

Because we all love writing and rewriting and brushing up our own resumes.
So why not take a stab on the brands we build.