Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Close that Door

A quote from my favourite writer, Coelho, made me think.

We talk about opening doors all the time.
About opportunities.
Seeing that gap and leveraging it.

We use open doors as an inspiration.
Make it part of our voice when we want to make that point about success.

But what takes more courage is to close a door that has been open for us all our life.
Or for most of our life.

We are scared.
We hold on.
Find excuses.
Society. Obligation. "I feel sorry". 

And the door remains open.
But we don't use it.
So over time, there are weeds and thickets.
Nature takes over.
The wood rots.
The overgrown ivy blocks the entrance.

Yet we keep the door open.

Till one day, Evil Intent finds that gap.
And uses it.

When a door is not of use any more, it's time to lock it up and throw the key away.
Only then shall we see the other doors that have always been around for us to open.