Monday, January 2, 2012

Touch N Feel

Lost my contact numbers twice  last year.
Once, when my old phone went missing. Thankfully, it was my Mumbai phone and I managed to retrieve the numbers that were still relevant.
The second time was just two weeks ago. Thanks to my pressing Yes instead of a No to a digital query that blipped on my screen.

As I am frantically trying to restore and recover, I  have realised how much I miss the old telephone books, with names carefully written from A-Z.

Actually, I miss quite a few things.
The family albums, yellowed with age and memories.Lovingly thumbed through by generations.
The "I love my Mum" drawings by the little ones.
The postcards my cousins and friends would send from their travels.
The Christmas cards and New Years cards my mum would string up and display proudly on the mantle piece.
The letters.
The telegrams.
The thank you notes.

The books lining the shelves and table tops.
Where recipes rubbed shoulders with mystery.
The Class reunions.

The music player and the albums.
The proud collections.

Yes, they are all available to us.
At the press of a button.

Sadly, they can also be erased.
At the press of a button.

( It's not about taking this literally- I can hear some of us shouting- Back ups)
It's about touch and feel in our lives being gradually replaced.........
Or can that ever happen.....