Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Life is about living

How does one show proof of long painful days and longer sleepless nights...
Ugly fights
Uglier bouts of silence and vengeance
Break of trust

How does one explain that we tend to hide more than we show
That behind many a door may lie unhappy souls waiting to break free
Trying to protect young innocent minds
So that the world doesn't know
That a relationship that exists no more is still being protected

Noone wants to be vulnerable
Noone wants to be exposed

We all hope for change
Hope for a day when things will be better

But there is ample proof of such lives
I can see them everyday
The empty smiles
The hidden questions
The muted respect for those who had the courage

To all those out there,
Just take that step.
That holds you back .
Live Life.
We have only one.
We owe ourselves and our children that.