Monday, February 11, 2013

Promises are made to be ...

This thought struck me in the morning.
Was looking at the array of hair products I use religiously to give some body to my amazingly limp hair.
Each one with a promise that made me rush to the cash counter with new hope.
Active hair. Volume. Shine.
Haven't seen any obvious difference.
But I still hang on to the brands.

It's in fact so much like the promises we are used to in Life.
Mom saying- one day we will go to the Himalayas. ( For some strange reason I always wanted to go there)
I believed her. While knowing that there were no plans to even remotely suggest that this would come true in the near or distant future. When income is limited, the Himalayas are not exactly the most sought after holiday destination.

Or what I myself say to others.
"Yes I will make it happen".
Don't worry, we will get that next week".
"We will celebrate your birthday next year".

So many promises.
When we ourselves break them every day and assume it is fine in the course of Life, why worry about brand promises and whether they are always absolutely true.

In fact, I love promises. Brands or Life.
A promise is about hope.
It helps us move on , do things, get active, because it is a reward. Of some kind.
Even if it does not always come true at the end, we ourselves do gain  in some way because of a promise. There is some benefit. Some recognition. Some motion .Some achievement.
And some happiness along the way.

So promises are best when kept.
But even a broken promise or a half met one can work wonders at times.