Monday, November 29, 2010

Battling with Fear

When I was young, many many years ago, I would run to my mother whenever I was scared.
She would hold my hand and say- Why fear when I am there?
And I would run away happily. With the knowledge that someone was there to fight all my battles.

Things change when you grow up.
Why is it that the more we have what we want, our fear of losing increases?
Why do these demons gnaw at our minds in the dead of the night, when we know that everything is just fine?

Fear is truly our worst enemy.
For some of us who have had losses earlier on in life, fear also proves a reason to exist.
And makes us think- what if this happens again? What if we lose people who matter to us, yet again?

I have read  and I have been told that fear disappears when we control our minds and do not let our minds take over.
I  know that the best way to get rid of these fears is to stop thinking. get a breath of fresh air, divert the mind ... there are solutions galore on the Net.

However, Life has taught me the hard lesson.
That the best way to fight the battle of fear is not to divert, not to ignore, but to face it.
Head on.

To have the courage to actually talk back to Fear instead of being scared and say- Yes, what if I lose all I have today?
It still brings those silly tears to your eyes.
It still makes the heart go cold.

But alongwith that, we will also get the answer.

That Life goes on. And that with time, everything heals. And we all move on.
Discovering new strengths that we never knew existed, uncovering new potential that lay dormant all the time....