Thursday, January 6, 2011

Downturns Open New Floodgates of Opportunities

Have seen it all. My life has  seen more downs than ups but every downturn has led to a change which has, on hindsight, been for the better. There is a purpose in everything that strikes our lives out of sync for a while.

Sometimes we get very cosy and comfortable with status quo.
We condition our minds like Pavlovians to like what we have and to not let go.
Because we are scared of what lies around the hairpin turn.
We analyse, criticise,  witch hunt, and start  battles noone is willing to fight.

And then Opportunity reveals itself.
Things change colour. We regain confidence. Shake hands.
Realise that if we just had the confidence in Life being Fair to everyone, we would have saved everyone a whole lot of trouble.

Works for brands too.
When  a brand faces a downturn, there is myopic panic and we  end up trying to fix the wrong things.
We start blame games, roll heads, usher in change.

Sometimes, maybe, if we just pull back, we can see that it was just a signal for a better opportunity, a new innovation, a disruptive strategy, a pathbreaking creative... anything.

At the end of the day, everything happens for the better.

It is the law of life.