Wednesday, January 30, 2013

The Art of Happy Breaks and Mash Ups

Like millions of other wives, mums, professionals  home-makers across the world, I have learnt ways to lead a life of balance.

Where nothing is a trade off.
Professional responsibilities co-exist with personal passion.
Spend time with my family.
Have great conversations with my work team and colleagues, even outside of work.

Some of the ways I have managed to do this are just a smart mash up.

Spreading my entitled leave  over 12 months in short bursts  instead of one long break.Utilise weekends and holidays in a way that the leave can be stretched.
The mash up I often do is combine something close to my heart with these breaks.
My teaching sessions in management institutes.
A two day course on writing in a city or country I would also love to holiday in.
A Harley Ride across the country.
A book launch . A workshop on blogging.
Tea with someone I have been inspired by.
An art journey.A culinary trip.
A wine and cheese appreciation.
Or just write a piece that I have been wanting to.

Could be anything.
I come  back rich - not just with pictures  and memories of a lovely vacation , but also enriched with some new learnings and experiences.
Which help me immensely back at work.
And as a person.

It needs some hard work.
Teaching means intense prep work.
Attending a workshop means pre-reads.
Even meeting someone who I have looked up or an art journey  means some amount of pre-work.

But then, that's what Life is about.
No pain, no gain as they say.

Today, I feel so proud and happy at the way things pan out.
No compromises on any front.
More effectiveness.
A sense of being complete.
And of course, happiness and good cheer.
Which, I have realised, is pretty infectious as well.
Both at work and at home.

So here's wishing everyone happy breaks and smart mash ups.