Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Shaken and Stirred

The shock waves as the earth groaned and stirred in the wee hours of dawn shook me up.
I sat up in bed, as the building tower swayed gently, as if rocking itself back to sleep.
Small pebbles and cement-lings created a gentle shower as they soft landed on parapets.

Was I afraid? Not really.
But I did stay up for a while. Stirred by thoughts and musings.

Realised that moments like this  when the Hands of Nature sweeps across humanity, may make us lose everything we have. Everything we love.

What do I protect and run down with?

My baby girl, cash and credit cards,  mum's framed picture, my laptop, phones, water and some food for my daughter, the ashtray I bought from Venice , my new coats, what about my shoes, and my bracelet.... and i can't do without my favourite book... passport- how can I forget....

How many things can we carry? Can we even list down possessions we do not want to lose?
Will we have time to bundle and pack if someday we stand at the edge of the precipice?

And then I realised how blessed I was.
To be safe, and happy.

As I looked at my dear ones   gentle breathing in blissful sleep, I realised that the only list we need in life is
our family or dear ones around us.

Rest of the stuff- the bracelets and passports and credit cards can come and go......