Friday, April 5, 2013

When in Rome, (do not) do what the Romans do

It's time some of these adages are questioned.
Or not taken at face value.

Today "fitting in", or being overtly compliant  may be , unfortunately , seen as a weakness.
And personally, I believe, is a compromise on one's own personality.
And strengths.

There's always room for some adjustment.
Some nudges.
Creating space.

But just because Life brings us to a different place, or a situation, we don't need to feel out of place.
Noone can make us  unbelong.
Nothing belongs to anyone anyway.

Adjustment is a two way road.
Some give, some take.

If that doesn't happen, just be who you are.
Work on your strengths.
Build on what has been your drivers.
Never trade off.

Leaders are born not because they adjust.
But because they collaborate.
Without compromising themselves.