Saturday, October 16, 2010

Romancing music

Was listening to "Jab koi baat..." on YouTube on a serene Sunday morning and my ever romantic heart went a fluttering. Short of seeing the red hearts swim before my eyes like a Valentines Day graphic viral, I was completely in a romantic mood.

There was something about those songs. There IS something about them that has transcended time and generations.
There was something about the shy looks , the eyelashes that fluttered up and away, the saree acchal held demurely, the hands held together .
There was an intensity that always manages to revv me out of any mood   into a beautiful world of love.

Songs  and music have evolved today in Bollywood.  There is maybe much more technology and creativity to both  song and music, there are inspirations from  across the world and a much wider audience to appreciate thanks to the bludgeoning channels and listening devices.

These numbers are chartbusters and top hits and the latest. Downloaded  rapidly from a host of free sites,  played on FM 24X 7 and are blasted on the music channels. Discs, parties, get togethers, clubs- these popular numbers are everywhere.

Yet somehow I miss the connect.
I miss the beauty  and simplicity of the lyrics of yesteryears
I  crave for  the  wave of emotions that flood us whenever we hear  a favourite number

Music  fuels  imagination
It is one of the best forms of escape as well

The world has moved on and things are changing.  For the better.
Tastes have evolved  and Generation X thrives on the music churned out by the industry.

But nothing  I have heard so far comes close to the magic of  the music maestros of yesterday.
Through their music  they  still live on in our hearts, every time our heart goes a fluttering.
 Like mine did just now.