Monday, July 27, 2015

Turn the Chair

This struck me as I was sipping my morning tea on my balcony at home.
The placing of the few plants and the two chairs and table there is dictated by the space. Or constrained by it, at times.
Being a creature of habit, I always place the chairs flanking the table at an angle, facing the rooms inside. Framed by yellow curtains, this gives the balcony a nice look from inside our apartment.
This morning, I decided to turn the chair.
With my back to the usual view of our home and life within.
And stared at things that had escaped my eyes before.
The way the hedge framed our building. The small shops lining the other side of the road. A few people using the terrace of a half ruined building for a temporary home. The skyline. The horizon.

Made me realise that sometimes, we get used to the view.
And work around that to better it.
Expecting different outcomes.

We examine the same challenges.
Turn around and mash the same solutions in our minds and across the proverbial table.

When all we need to do is turn that chair.
To see a different perspective.
A new answer to our challenges.
Fresh possibilities to explore.