Thursday, November 18, 2010

When lines get blurred

If someone asked me even three years back about what I do, my prompt reply would be - advertising professional. Today, I like to elaborate or let's say, build on this by saying- I also do this and that.

We've come a long way from strait jacketed professions of engineers, doctors, CAs and so forth.
Where the wall between a passion, if it existed,  and work was as strong as  one of the cement ads we see on air. Usually, like an unwatered plant, passions died a natural wilted death.Coming up to haunt us once in a while when something or someone triggered off a memory of what really drove us to joy.

Life today is different. We like multi-indulging. Indulging in work as well as in our passions or interest. So a suited booted CEO can also play the lead guitar in a band at night in the most popular pub in town. Or  a thriving banker also doubles up as a   blogger  at night.   Some of us write, others indulge in fashion designing, some others in travel and trekking ventures, some others  spend time with NGOs.... could be anything that the heart beckons.

This second life or indulgence is one which is followed for sheer passion. Money may come with it and sometimes the money is big enough for people to even give up their mainstream work and take this up full time.

Then there are the ones who of course  have made their passion a profession. That's the ideal world. All of us can't do that. Which is where this second life  or lives come in. Making our days and lives more balanced.

Even brands have come to acknowledge this.  Most  brands are moving from being  a business ally to a fun buddy.  It's no longer either or. For most brands. And for most of us.

These blurred lines are a blessing.
It shows we have confidence in ourselves to do what we always wanted to.
Even if it means pushing ourselves. Or those extra hours every other day.

This is indeed achievement of a different kind.
One to reckon with.