Friday, November 12, 2010

A Mouthful of Jargon

Sometimes I am surprised at myself.

I work in an industry meant to  communicate in the simplest way to consumers.
Yet, when it comes to communication internally, my words are all but simple.

Some of my daily jargons and what I mean

Eyeball Traction                  More people are watching me
Deployed resources            Got my team to work
Targetted Profile                 What my consumer is like
Demographics                     How old is my consumer, what  is his economic status, where does he live etc
Psychographics                   What is my consumer mindset
Incentivize the TG                Reward my consumer
Imperatives                         Critical to- dos
Standardize guidelines          Follow the rules
Strategic Collaboration        Plan together
Preferred Choice                 Preferred means choice right?
Primary response                 What did she say? How did she react?
Secondary TG                     Who else takes the calls?
Youthful tonality                   Be young
Consumer's hat                    Think like her

No wonder I sound like a walking talking addipidea.

Maybe if , for starters, I started talking like my consumers, I would  be more like them, rather than wearing their "shoes" or "hats" or "feeling their pulse"

It's time for a change.