Monday, October 19, 2015

The HomeComing

( HomeStay: Courtsey

The Home is back.
Not just as a unit of love and togetherness.

The Home, today, stands for specialization.
Unique experiences that  industrialization actually takes away from.
An Adventure Trail that leaves others wanting the same.

Home Stays.
Where the ringing of a doorbell  itself signals the change from a hotel or a resort.
And kitchens are a place to hang out and not walled away.
With hosts who are not salaried for their smiles.

Home Chefs.
The pleasure of home food, served up as fine dining or a regular lunch at work.
Varied cuisines.
The touch of the lady who has always led her recipes with love.

Home Bakers.
The cakes may not be sliced to perfection by the knives of an established patisserie.
But in that slight "imperfection", or is that the real perfection- lies a new taste.
A new experience.

Home Made.
Curtains. Apparel. Accessories. Pickles. Rooms. Dining.
You name it.

It is a force  the market has to reckon with as a hot trend that is set to grab a share of our wallets.
More importantly, a share of our time.
In a society increasingly more time poor than just wealth poor.
Brands have to look at the power of collaboration.

It is the new experience and one that most of us are dabbling with, in some form.
It has a power that is eternal.
The power of a home.

Truly, Home is where the heart is, today.