Wednesday, November 3, 2010

It's time to say "thank you"

What started off as a traditional outfit for a Diwali lunch spiralled into a beautiful mesh of compliments, discussion about the gorgeous "mekhela chador" of Assam,  leaving me bloated and beautiful.

Amazing what a set of compliments can do.
Makes one feel special
Makes one belong
Makes one feel blessed
And loved
And wanted
And just so good

It takes so little to shower a little praise
A few good words
A sign of appreciation
A mail saying Well Done

Yet sometimes we forget
And miss what may have been a small chance to make someone feel good

On the eve of my birthday, as I turn one more year older and wiser, I thank everyone out there who has made me what I am today
For making me believe that in spite of the tide turning, there is always someone or something good round the corner. We just need to take that turn.