Wednesday, March 28, 2012

The Screen

The Screen has really started ruling lives.
We wake up and check for emails on our phones or computers, key in a quick response.
Move on to social media.
Tap in a few Likes, Birthday wishes, comments on updates, even manage a quick status update.
All in bed. Or maybe just out.

Work for those who work is again predominantly with the Screen.
Creativity flows on them, powerpoints bring alive strategies.
Emails clog up pipelines.
Youtube entertains.

Back home.
Children watching TV.
We watch our own shows.
Go back to the phone and /or computer.

And do feel satisfied.

Till I realised yesterday that I, for one, am ignoring quite a few Screens that have always been there and are still there, waiting patiently.

The windows of the living room, overlooking the vast stretch of the township.
The balcony from where I can see the lush green with kids playing.
The car windows through which I see people, nature, landscape, life itself.
The sky overhead in all its magnificence.

Nature is a big  screen, showing us beautiful colours and wonders.
It is entertaining, a reality show and yes, always live.

In our obsession with phone, computer , tablet screens, we often forget to look at what can be a true respite. A great relaxation.
What can open our minds to fresh thoughts.
New potentials.

Can we afford to ignore these.........