Thursday, August 19, 2010

Finding our Catalyst

Must say I am tired. Of toeing the line when it comes to societal expectations.My mother would always tell me that I should focus on chartering my own course of happiness.And the only thing we should bear in mind is to be absolutely honest. To others. And more importantly, ourselves.

That's where most of us go wrong. We succumb to what we think are external forces and expectations and lead a life that is a compromise at best and a sacrifice at worst, for some. Till oneday we rear our heads up with a new found strength and say Whoa! Enough!Maybe we don't know where to find this strength.

We don't need to look further. The strength is within us. We have the power to move mountains. Just that at times we seek a catalyst to spark off the fire in us. The catalyst could be anyone or anything- a new relationship, a new job or passion, travel, solitude,a friend, a colleague, a boss, a client.

Catalysts spark off energy that lies dormant and rejuvenates. It changes or reveals a perspective that we have been looking for and helps us resume our journey of life. With new found vigour. With a catalyst, we don't have fear. Of external pressures.Or internal misgivings.

How do we find catalysts? Actually we don't. Most times catalysts come our way because of our own determination. We create or discover them. By not giving up our dreams. By not giving up hope and belief. In life. And once they spark us off, life takes on a new meaning.


  1. Truly inspiration. Its like words of wisdom from the Dalai Lama. I'm a disciple, really.