Tuesday, August 17, 2010

"Well Done"

Last two weeks have shown me how important appreciation is in encouraging and motivating people. I mean, what started out as a one off rambling for me to kill some time in the evening has turned out to be a regular pastime, no, a passion for me now. I love every word people write about what I have posted, I am welcome to comments, and I am flooded with ideas.

Appreciation is a catalyst. It takes us no time at all to say "Well done" or "Keep it up". But sometimes we just tend to ignore that. Or feel it doesn't matter.

More than appreciation, I guess it's acknowledgement. Which could have constructive feedback as well. Builds to improve. But the sheer fact that someone has acknowledged our work is enough to get us going. And reaching for more.

Thanks everyone. And please feel free to build.

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