Sunday, October 31, 2010

The City of Power

"Mother Pious Lady" has a paragraph on Gurgaon. Lapped it up eagerly this morning, being one of the freshest inhabitants of this city. The book says that Gurgaon is the city of power, not wealth. Therefore it does not have the baggage of wealth that its closest metro neighbour, Delhi has.

How true. Having heard of the "old rich" and the palatial bungalows and the wealth that Delhi is, I was very nervous when I came here four months ago. Gurgaon assured me of  neighbours who I could socialize with without feeling like a country cousin, a professional life where I  have fit in like a glove, a place where I feel charged up being amongst professionals who are from all across the country, with dreams bigger than most of the bank balances.

Set me thinking. How is Power different from Wealth.Power is influence. Power is recognition. Power comes to those who has aspired and achieved. Power is about success. Power is about talent. It is about professions, entreprenership, politics, creativity, fine arts.... anything that can  create a sphere of influence. Power is not necesssarily a legacy.It comes to the hungry. And the dreamers.

Wealth may follow closely on the heels of power. But it is the effect and not the cause. And most importantly, power can exist without wealth.

In my short stint so far in Gurgaon, I have seen the play of Power. It gives me the confidence. And the comfort that I can hopefully achieve what I want without the padding of wealth, which I definitely lack at the moment.( I mean monetary wealth).Relatively speaking.

So  here I am,  keying down these thoughts on Power before the day begins.
And raising a silent toast to the city that has given me what very few people have.

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