Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Family First

I have to send that last email before  I leave.
Oh a brainstorm? Now? Wellll ok..
When do I reach home? Most times after nine at night.
Weekend work... of course... am always available.

That is me.
That was me.

Have made some minor alterations in life.
Like knowing when to shut the laptop and  swipe out of work.
Like  giving my little girl those precious moments every day- reading, watching her favourite show together
Or taking off on the weekend

I watch movies
I read
I walk
Even venture into the kitchen and make daring experiments

Laptop time at home is more about catching up with friends on FB
Or writing
Instead of checking, replying, forwarding, ccing, bccing emails

My family sees more of me
I see more of them
We enjoy each other's company
We have meals together
Say our goodnight prayers together

Realised that family comes first.
No matter what.

And this has made me a better person at work as well.
Coz I am happy. And  happy people are effective. Almost always.


  1. Yes indeed, family comes first. Enjoying moments together brings happiness and happiness helps in development, prosperity. Well written!

  2. If you see my comments on all your blogs, they will have a common thread. You took your time realizing the ultimate truth. Anyways like they say, 'it's better late than never'. This is not criticism but a friend's opinion of a friend. So keep on giving your time to the family and you will surely reap the benefits.