Thursday, March 22, 2012

It's time to quit...

everything we do is a pain and not a passion
we spend more time posting seemingly happy pictures
workplace becomes an escape from home and relationships
conversations at home are about shopping lists and kids and never about ourselves
we  don't look forward to waking up

frowns are flashed more than smiles
and laughter is a reluctant guest paying a fleeting visit
life runs like clockwork
there are no surprises
or anger or outburst- happy or sad


the very word "love" seems to have lost all meaning
and we start questioning whether "hope" exists
we are afraid of silence, because it is only then we question ourselves

We know it is time to pack that bag
from work
or relationships
or anything we are involved in

And say
It's time to quit.

Coz it's only when we quit, that we see new opportunities.
Or that second chance lurking just round the corner.


  1. Every time i read your blog... i feel motivated enough to win my own self

  2. Hi,

    What do i say? wonderful blog or pain of seperation?

    If its for you then the best things are waiting for you.

    Go & grab it.

    Lokesh purbia

  3. Poppy, I hope it's not your swan song. I enjoyed your blogs and would hate to miss them!