Monday, May 21, 2012

The Invisible CEOs

Behind every successful man, there is a woman.
Was quite a popular quote in yester years.
Till women themselves refuted it, saying why should women be "behind"?

History regales us with stories of empires being won and lost on the whims and advice of queens, empresses and beloved.

We have seen our partners, fathers and friends discuss work , the problems, the conflicts at home.
And the pearls of wisdom and advice from the other halves, over the kitchen fires , dining table .
Pillow talk is not always always about love and gossip.

It is about the day at work as well.
If a partner is truly the one to be trusted , it is only natural that one reaches out at times for advice.
Even if it is just  as a sounding board.

Wonder how many partners have been invisible CEOs.
Peppered in friendly words of advice.
Nudged their loved ones into taking that risk.
That step.

Or just given that extra hug to say- I believe in you .

Enough to make one confident.
Truly, we owe a lot to the Invisible CEOs.

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