Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Partners Day at Work

I don't think we could have managed our work lives without the support of our partners.
That morning cup of tea together.
The early morning kitchen rush to pack lunches and have the breakfast out on time.

Being a sounding board to office woes
Suffering the tension of increments and more
Celebrating success
Calming us down when we want to call it a day

The smile we have every morning when we walk into the work corridors is sparked off with that goodbye wave and hug

Supportive partners in our lives - whether it is our parents, our other halves, a make work a better place.

Maybe we should celebrate this.
Have a Partners Day at Work.

Where they walk in and see our work stations.
The softboards where joblists jostle for space with happy pictures
The colleagues
The seniors
The canteen boys
The terraces and balconies

When we give them an ovation over a coffee and snacks
And thank them for making work a better place.

Like someone said- know the lives of your team when it comes to concerns and celebrations.
It makes us more humane.
And creates a great work place.

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