Wednesday, August 25, 2010

If you can't stop "it", lie back and enjoy "it"

The wordings are not exactly what the phrase is. But we get the gist. The essence of it is compromise. Make adjustments. Make the most of it. Maximise a situation.

The word here that needs to be examined closely is "can't". It's a powerful word. We use it in some context almost everyday. It makes us do things we don't really want to but make do with because we feel that change is not in our hands. Strange really, how we ourselves weaken our spirit or undermine our potential.

There is nothing called "can't". Everything is possible. And this is not just a preachy sermon but experience from life. All we need to do is "know what we want." Without that we have no direction, no goal. But once that is clear in our mind, we can literally and figuratively move mountains.

I was lying back and enjoying "it" till oneday I realised that I was being a slave to my own weak will and was being trampled upon and made use of. So I just stopped. And decided to take some action. It's not easy. There are odds that come up from least expected factors , family included.It takes huge resilience to fight the "it".

But once we do that, we realise that there is a whole world out there to recognise and appreciate us , our strengths.

We just need to push back the forces against us. And keep pushing back.
Till we discover our true strength and passion.
Then all we need is to go out and really "enjoy".

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