Monday, August 23, 2010

Seeds of Doubt

Undoubtedly the most dangerous seeds to be sown. Seeds of Doubt. It's amazing how these seeds sprout, grow, bud and overtake mind and spirit faster than one can say God Help Me.

Will begin with relationships first. So often we fall prey to someone sowing a tiny little Doubt Seed casually. We mull, think, ruminate and then observe our relationship or partner with gimlet eyes and microscopic detail. Why is she late? Why does he have to travel so much?Who does she talk to on the phone for so long? That's it. We may as well kill the relationship ourselves with our bare hands.

Same goes for us as consumers. Once the seeds are sown, doubt sprouts and the first casualties are conviction and the confidence to buy. Are these batteries defective? Will this shampoo cause hairfall? Does this soup have msg? Why is this pricing so cheap? And the death gong has been rung.

It is such an easy weapon for all enemies. Just a whisper, a Facebook update, a seemingly innocent Twitter, a casual word of mouth and the ball starts rolling.

The best way to guard ourselves from these seeds is trust. Trusting one another in a relationship.Trust our own judgement as consumers. Trust our own instincts.

Not such a hard job. Just need belief in ourselves. Belief that we have the power to judge . To tale calls. To decide.

And the seeds will never sprout.

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  1. Its like "The bird is in your save it or kill it, choice is yours!"
    Excellent writting...inspiring!