Friday, August 27, 2010

Let's Celebrate

I just love birthdays. Used to wait for November 4th and wake up breathless. It was the same every year. A Digboi Store wrapped parcel which would have the latest Enid Blyton- two of them, and a Happy Birthday card from Club Store. Mutton for lunch. Chicken for dinner. Cards from friends. And yes a cake from Digboi Store.

Never had a party because my sister's birthday was always celebrated with a big party, lots of guests and gift bags and return gifts and iced drinks and cake and food and I felt guilty wanting a party so soon after that. So I was always happy with my birthday. Because simple though it may sound, it was quite a celebration for me.

Like Ma and Dad's kiss and hug in the morning, my sister's card and a hug, the phonecall from my uncle and my grandmother, wearing a nice dress to school with a packet of Morton's, the class singing Happy Birthday, teachers wishing me, handmade cards and a few small gifts from classmates, the cake in the evening with Ma lighting the candles and Dad and my sister and Ma and the household help singing Happy Birthday to you, my uncle and aunt with their kids who sometimes dropped in, a good dinner and the last Happy birthday goodnight kiss from Ma . Always thanked God for such a wonderful day.

Celebrations aren't always about spending money, having parties, dining out. We can make a celebration out of simple things which are loaded with love and emotion. Like playing music, having people over, good food and great conversation also makes for a great celebration.

In fact, we are used to showing sparkles , champagne glasses and balloon bursts whenever we use the word Celebrate. Why not show something more ? Something more personal? Like a card? A hug? Music notes? Smiles? Sounds of Laughter?

At the end of it all, celebrations have to end in happiness. It has to take us to a joyous high. A feeling of wanting to make time stand still. And of course money can get us this and much more. No denying that. I myself love what money brings to the table. But sometimes if we depend on that alone, we will realise that after all we have spent, we still feel empty. Like there's room for more.

So here's wishing my sister a fabulous birthday today and hope she celebrates today and each day in her own way . And be happy always.


  1. Pure simple words,with emotions! We get so busy with our day to day lives, that we don't always think about small things that bring us happiness! Well written & expressed. Loved it! Best wishes always-

  2. Hmmm reminds me of our birthdays when dad was posted in far flung laces. Best is to have all family members around u on your birthday. So true :)


  3. Wonderful way to wish yr li'l sis... many many happy returns to sumi :)