Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Action speaks louder

First niggle that crosses most of our minds when we hear of someone winning an accolade or a recognition. "How did she get this?", " How did he manage?". It is almost as if by asking that question, we justify us not being in that place. It also immediately casts an undeserving cloak on the concerned person in the spotlight.

And without having any feminist biases, I have found such questions voiced even more prominently when it comes to women achievers. Surprisingly, by both men as well as our own sisterhood.

Why do we assume that people with potential have to shout from the rooftops about how good they are or what they have done? Why do we expect to know and judge for ourselves whether someone is deserving or not?

While some of us like to talk about our day to day progress, there are others who believe that action speaks louder than words. These are the silent workers who have toiled while others have slept. They have looked for avenues where they can shine, have gone that extra mile to burn the midnight oil. And have ensured that they have spoken to the right people who would understand and appreciate their potential or work. The rest does not matter.

Identifying who we are focussing on for attention and recognition is one of the keys to racing up the ladder. There is a plan for everything in life. Need not be a plan on paper- could be just some checklists in the mind. Checklists on what we want to do, how we want to do, and who we want to talk to. Clarity on these simple questions will drive us into action.

And most importantly, instead of spending energies discussing why and how someone managed to get that award, it is worthwhile coming up close to the person and understanding what he or she is about. There is bound to be a face that we have missed out or never seen.

For no recognition in this world is ever undeserved.

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