Tuesday, September 14, 2010

10 Fears

Ok this is it. After all my talk about facing fears and moving on in life, it's only apt that I come to terms with some of my darkest fears. And what's better than sharing them with the world? That's the best way to bring those demons out in the open.

So, deep breath... and here goes.... in no particular order

1. Becoming so poor that I won't have money for Zoya's food and clothes

2. My sister never getting married

3. Losing my hair

4. Snake bite

5. Dog bite

6. Having to give up my job

7. Never completing my book

8. Being alone

9. Losing Zoya

And the last, but definitely the most terrible fear, is losing the person I love the most.

So that's that. Can now breathe easier. And hopefully face these demons with renewed vigour.


  1. Awesome! Wonder how many people in the world can disclose this list!!!