Sunday, September 12, 2010

Challenges beget happiness

Does happiness bring complacence? Do we procastinate more when life is rosy? Does unhappiness goad us into action? Does it mean that, for us to keep moving on the trajectory of success, we need to keep being unhappy?

Zillions of such questions cross my mind. Do I push myself more when someone throws a negative dart at me? Do I become oblivious to signs on the wall when I get showered with praises?

This sounds awful even as I write it but sometimes negative energy does seem to push us in a direction that makes us happier or drives us to achieve more. So does this justify negative criticism, or barbs or even tragedy? Do we need such forces to bring us back to our progress path.

To me, negative energy can be best managed by positive energy. When we say- I will fight back. Not to take vengeance, though we do feel like that at times, for but our own happiness or passion. Then we are actually using positive energy as a driving force and not the negative energy. Negativity brings out the positivity in us.

Maybe instead of calling it "negative energy", we can positivise it by calling it "challenges". Sounds better , especially when I write that we do need challenges to exist in our life. Without challenges, we lose drive, we lose pace. Challenges bring out our potential. And brings us closer to what we define as happiness.

So next time life throws a hurdle our way, let's treat it as a challenge, instead of drowning ourselves with negativity and bring out the best in us. After all, that's what challenges are for.

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